Market Like a Mogul

The Map to Millions Marketing Strategy

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In an oversaturated market, you need a scroll stopping strategy to make sales. There is a method to the madness of marketing and Dr. Shamieka Dean has mastered it. Her unorthodox, unparalleled and unmatched approach to marketing has shifted her clients from sporadic sales to systematic six figures. In just 3 years, she’s taken over 3,000 clients through her courses helping them to yield substantial results.

Market like a mogul is more than a book, it’s a movement. It is methodologically structured to move you from overlooked to overbooked, mediocre to mogul, and from struggling to soaring. Whether you’re a beginner or budding business owner, market like a mogul is for you. 

Market like a mogul teaches you: 

  • How to become the go to and not the go through in your industry. 
  • How to strategically stand out in a saturated market. 
  • How to turn your messaging into a money making machine
  • How to connect and convert potential clients into paying customers.
  • How to attract your audience without pitching or petitioning 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Market Like a Mogul is a riveting and revelatory take on Marketing in this Era. Dr. Shamieka Dean provides in-depth steps you can take to elevate your business in the marketplace. She has developed a solution to heal your business from the inside out. I cannot wait to implement these strategies in our business.

Samantha Singletary, Tax Expert (Talks Tax Group, LLC)